A unified AI-powered platform for scaling climate action.

We believe that climate change is the biggest problem of our times, and that it shall impact the livelihoods of all people across the region we call home.




Ahya offers increased accuracy in the calculation of carbon footprint by using AhyaAI to measure, track and predict emissions comprehensively.


Ahya ensures transparency in the purchase of voluntary carbon offsets, integrating registries and local banks into its own omni-channel marketplace Tawazun.

Economic growth

Ahya strives for equitable economic growth for the entire Middle East, North Africa & Pakistan (MENAP) region, facilitating enterprise sustainability and the financing of innovative climate action projects.

Accelerate to net-zero.


Start with data.

Start your sustainability journey with Ahya's AI tools for precise carbon footprint insights.


Foster stakeholder trust.

Promote climate action through transparent, evidence-backed ESG disclosures for a greener future


From insights to action.

Craft custom reduction plans with AhyaOS insights, expertly guided by our Scientists.


Towards carbon neutrality.

For residual emissions, Ahya assists with certified carbon offsets adhering to global standards.


Regional climate action


In 2017, the UAE was the first country in the GCC to launch the UAE Green Agenda with a goal to reduce emissions to 31% BaU or circa 93.2 million tCO2e by 2030.
Under Vision 2030’s 2nd pillar of sustainability, the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) and Middle East Green Initiative (MGI) strive for the reduction of 278 million tCO2e by 2030.
The 28th edition of the Conference of Parties (CoP) will be hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a historic landmark and a call to action for Ahya.
Ahya’s product suite

Core products.

AI-enabled GHG emissions operating system

AhyaOS enables enterprises to calculate, report and reduce their carbon emissions. AhyaOS is customized according to the economic needs of enterprises across the region and optimized for data hosting, compliance and protocols, in accordance with local standards and regulations.
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Omni-channel carbon offset marketplace.

Tawazun ensures transparency and easy verification of carbon offsets purchased on the platform. This is how we protect our clients and ensure that their desired positive environmental impact is met with precision and measurable results.
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Ahya’s ecosystem

Ecosystem enablement products.

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Empowering precise carbon accounting and reduction.

AhyaAI enables our emissions database, carbon accounting, GHG reports and customer service, enhancing operational efficiency, speed and providing predictive and conversational functionality for our clients.

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First English and Arabic API for climate action.

AhyaAPI is the first English and Arabic API for climate action that allows our clients to integrate climate action directly within their customer experiences. This encourages our client’s customers to track, understand and reduce emissions at a transaction level in real-time.
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Decoding the



Global CO2 challenge

We need to reduce the CO2 we emit as a planet drastically. In order to avert a climate catastrophe, we must achieve a 90% reduction in emissions by 2050.

MENAP’s role

Amid a rising share in global GHG emissions, the MENAP region is seizing this pivotal moment to commit to sustainable, climate-positive action.

Enterprise leadership

Enterprises must lead this challenge. In 2023, 3,239 enterprises have enrolled in the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi); among them, 2,294 have made commitments to achieve net-zero emissions.

Begin your


Find out what Ahya can do for you.

The journey to a sustainable future is both challenging and rewarding. Imagine a world where every enterprise, every individual, acts with the planet in mind. With Ahya, that world isn't a distant dream. It's a vision we can realize together.