Simple integration, lasting impact.

Estimate and offset the emissions of any activity effortlessly with just a few lines of code.


Infrastructure for climate action.

AhyaAI estimate endpoint

Calculate and show the carbon footprint of any transaction with AhyaAI Estimate Endpoint.

Broad applications from taxis to flights, by showing carbon emissions and offering offset options.

AhyaAI offset endpoint

The AhyaAI Offset API provides an easy way to offset emissions and instantly deliver fractionalized certificates to your customers.

Streamline your offset management, keeping full control over project selection, pricing, and retirement.

Emission factor search

Access the largest regional emissions database of the region with confidence.

Get the right, latest, and authentic emission factors with just a keyword or a filter.

Integrate AhyaAPI seamlessly into every customer experience.

Key features

Facilitating the region’s transition towards


Regional emissions factors database

AhyaAPI taps into AhyaAI’s database tailor-made for regional, offering up-to-date emission factors across multiple sectors for accurate carbon footprint calculations.

Prescreened offsets

Ensure compliance with local regulations. Our curated list of offset projects fits the regional context perfectly.

Bilingual API

Designed for both Arabic and English interfaces, ensuring smooth integration across platforms.

Use cases

Discover the wide applicability of


across sectors.


Offset every flight's carbon emissions with ease.


Empower customers to offset their financial carbon footprint.

Consumer technology

Seamlessly integrate offset options into user transactions.


Enable greener shipments by offsetting route emissions.

Food delivery

Let customers offset the carbon impact of their meal's journey.

Government services

Offer citizens options to offset daily service emissions.

Ride hailing

Make every ride carbon-neutral with instant offsets.

Government Services

Contact us to know more about the use cases across sectors.

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The journey to a sustainable future is both challenging and rewarding. Imagine a world where every enterprise, every individual, acts with the planet in mind. With Ahya, that world isn't a distant dream. It's a vision we can realize together.