Intelligent GHG Reduction Copilot for Enterprises.

AhyaAI integrates cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence frameworks to provide businesses with robust emissions tracking, accurate analysis, hassle-free forecasting, and optimized reduction capabilities, enabling accelerated climate action.

Competitive advantage

Accuracy. Insights. Automation.


AhyaAI enhances data accuracy to detect inconsistencies and flag potential issues, ensuring precise carbon accounting.


Advanced analytics provide actionable insights into emissions patterns and reduction opportunities through recurrent neural networks to model time series emissions data and identify trends.


AI enables increased workflow automation to parse unstructured textual data, reducing manual efforts in data processing and calculations.


Key integrated features.

Comprehensive regional emission database

AhyaAI maintains an extensive database of the latest, verified, localized emissions factors tailored to the region, ensuring precise carbon accounting suited to your business activities and geography.

Automated categorization and classification

Sophisticated algorithms automatically categorize your varied emissions sources and match them to appropriate  emission factors, improving accuracy and minimizing manual efforts.

Optimized reduction plans

AhyaAI’s proprietary optimization algorithms use techniques to determine the optimal resource allocation and carbon reduction activities aligned to your business priorities.

Natural language generation

Leveraging techniques like recurrent neural networks, AhyaAI generates intuitive readable recommendations and narratives based on data-driven insights to guide your climate action strategy.


All of AhyaAI's capabilities are customized for Arabic language and regional nuances, providing locally resonant carbon management experiences.

Use AhyaAI to enhance speed, precision, prediction and functionality in climate-action.


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The journey to a sustainable future is both challenging and rewarding. Imagine a world where every enterprise, every individual, acts with the planet in mind. With Ahya, that world isn't a distant dream. It's a vision we can realize together.