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Committed to planetary health by carbon management technology, we empower you to embrace the future of climate responsibility with confidence.

Ahya means


in Arabic, Persian,

Turkish and Urdu.

Our guiding principles

We act in accordance with the following



We believe that climate change is the biggest problem of our times, and that it shall impact the livelihoods of all people across the region we call home.


We believe in the governing mechanism of the Paris Agreement, 2015 and the clarity with which it provides a framework to battle climate change.


We believe that enterprises have a pivotal role to play in order to deliver a behavioural change that saves the environment by limiting global temperatures to below 1.5 °C.


We believe in the power of enterprise technology for measurement, reporting, planning and reduction as the most efficient means of climate action management.

Our purpose

Our beliefs are guided

by a shared



We understand that data limitations exist as the primary hurdle to effective climate action, and strongly believe advancements in artificial intelligence as being the most effective means of overcoming this hurdle.


We understand that in order to build a lasting business we need strong economic fundamentals.


We also understand that we must act with humility, compassion and respect to make real change, and are committed to upholding and defending these ethical principles in the pursuit of our goals.

Our pledge

We are passionate technologists and dreamers who will not stop until we have left our mark. We pledge that our bottom line will always reflect the common good.

What we do

We are transforming enterprises to lead climate action across the


40 years of environmental and
climate science knowledge

Ahya draws upon the experience, knowledge and policy proposals of the past forty years of global climate action, to deliver a tailor-made enterprise technology platform to the challenges posed by climate change. 

Building AI powered solutions

We are building a unified, AI powered platform to transform the way enterprises across the region measure, track, report, and reduce their green-house gas (GHG) footprint. 

How we do it

Ahya harnesses the power of advancements in climate science, computation, data science and artificial intelligence in achieving enterprise net-zero.

Our experts in climate science provide enterprises with auditable and verifiable carbon accounting and tailor-made emissions reports, reduction plans and analytics.

Our robust computation and infrastructure enable our clients to perform complex calculations of their carbon footprint, model scenarios with predictions, and analyze the impact of their activities confidently.​​

All forms of data collection, analysis and reporting is made simple, fast and efficient through a proprietary data science module and artificial intelligence enabled database, backed by a team of experts.

Our proprietary algorithms empower precision across the platform and provide predictive as well as conversational functionality for our clients.

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The journey to a sustainable future is both challenging and rewarding. Imagine a world where every enterprise, every individual, acts with the planet in mind. With Ahya, that world isn't a distant dream. It's a vision we can realize together.