AI-enabled GHG emissions operating system for enterprises.

AhyaOS is a precision-engineered carbon emissions platform, thoughtfully designed for enterprises in in the MENAP region. By blending advanced AI with deep regional insights, we provide a streamlined approach to carbon accounting, reporting, and reduction, all while resonating with regional cultural and business sensibilities.

Comprehensive climate action.





Key features

Facilitating the region’s transition towards


Artificial intelligence

Leverage AI throughout your carbon management journey, ensuring consistent precision.

Regional expertise

A platform tailored for the Middle East, considering compliance, cultural nuances, and regional standards.

Employee engagement

Streamline footprint calculations and involve your team in the sustainability journey.

Comprehensive capabilities

From carbon accounting to climate disclosures and risk mitigation, we've got you covered.

Speed and resilience

Experience real-time data integration, swift calculations, and robust reliability.

Expert validation

Each report is meticulously reviewed by our climate scientists, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy.

Localised integrations

Seamless compatibility with major KSA and UAE utility providers, ensuring streamlined data integration.

Module I

Carbon accounting.

Turn business data into actionable carbon insights.

Data transformation

Seamlessly convert business activities, expenses, supplier information, and employee data into comprehensive carbon footprint reports. Ensure adherence to the latest GHG Protocol guidelines, covering Scopes 1, 2, and 3* emissions.

AI-powered analysis

Let the power of AhyaAI streamline your carbon management journey. From data collection to integrations, from bulk imports to surveys, AI is your ally every step of the way.

Module II

GHG emission reports.

Audit-ready climate disclosure at your fingertips.

Interactive dashboards

Dive deep with detailed visuals. Understand every data point, every emission source, and every opportunity with clarity.

Standardized compliance

Let the power of AhyaAI streamline your carbon management journey. From data collection to integrations, from bulk imports to surveys, AI is your ally every step of the way.

Expert validation

Every report gets the gold standard treatment. Validated by Ahya’s Climate Scientists, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy and compliance.

Recalibrate your climate goals with AhyaOS.

Module III

Strategic emission reduction.

Uncover opportunities

Dive deep into your emissions data, unearthing actionable insights and clear paths to meaningful reductions.

Custom plans & strategy management

Tailor-make your emission reduction strategies. Set targets, track progress, and fine-tune as you go, ensuring consistent progress towards your sustainability goals.

Expert advice

Navigate the complexities of carbon reduction with the aid of seasoned climate scientists, ensuring your plans are not just ambitious but also achievable.


Industries we serve.


Track, reduce, and report emissions from construction projects.


Optimize the carbon efficiency of your supply chain.

Food and beverage

From farm to table, manage the carbon journey of every product.

Government services

Lead by example by adopting best-in-class carbon management practices.


Offer guests a sustainable experience by minimizing your environmental impact.


Incorporate sustainability into production and broadcasting processes.

Real estate

Build and manage sustainable properties with accurate carbon metrics.


Track and reduce the carbon footprint of products from source to store.


Simplify carbon managementin fast-paced tech environments.

Begin your


Find out what Ahya can do for you.

The journey to a sustainable future is both challenging and rewarding. Imagine a world where every enterprise, every individual, acts with the planet in mind. With Ahya, that world isn't a distant dream. It's a vision we can realize together.