May 15, 2024

AHYA is now a part of MGA , powered by industry giants - SABIC & PepsiCo

Innovating for Impact - Ahya'sAI-powered climate software set to redefine environmental progress for MENAP enterprises.

DUBAI, UAE, [MAY 15, 2024] – Ahya, a unified, AI-poweredplatform for scaling climate action is proud to announce its selection as oneof the eight pioneering startups in the Mega Green Accelerator (MGA) program.This initiative, a collaboration between industry giants like PepsiCo, SABIC,and other visionary partners, aims to propel the next generation ofeco-champions in the fight against climate change across the region. Theannouncement comes day’s after Ahya’s unique partnership with AI-giant NVIDIA.

Selected for its innovative approach to energy transition in SaudiArabia, Ahya is set to join forces with other change-makers from the UAE,Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia. This recognition highlights Ahya’s commitment to decreasingemissions intensity and its’ potential to significantly influence energytransition to renewables throughout the region. The program promises extensive collaborationwith industry and has selected Ahya as the sole consolidated climate softwareplayer in the region.    

Ahya’s flagship products, AhyaOS, an AI-poweredgreenhouse gas (GHG) emissions operating system, and Tawazun, an omni-channel voluntarycarbon marketplace, shall further their path to product-market fit through theprogram.

AhyaOS unique offering allows enterprises (listed, export, multinationalsand financial institutions) to comply with regulations for measurement acrossall scopes (IFRS, GRI, SBT’s et al) and enable a transition to sustainableenergy through it’s AI powered report and reduce modules. Tawazun allowsenterprises to invest in technology based carbon capture and utilization(TCCUS) as well as avoidance of non-natural emissions (ANE) projects withtransparency and verifiability, an economic need on the path to net-zero.

About Ahya:

Ahya is  aunified, AI-powered platform for scaling climate action across the Middle East,North Africa and Pakistan (MENAP).  “Ahya '' means life in all MENAP’slanguages. Ahya’s platform includes two core enterprise technology products in:AhyaOS – an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled green-house gas (GHG)emissions operating software & Tawazun – MENAP’s first omni-channelvoluntary carbon marketplace.

Ahya’s ecosystem enablement products include: AhyaAPI – the firstbilingual API that allows users to integrate climate action into every customerexperience, via three proprietary endpoints and AhyaAI, which consists ofalgorithms and machine learning frameworks that power our core products,providing enhanced, predictive as well as co-pilot functionality for enterpriseclients.


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